Holiday Computer Camp is ...

Regular Interest Class - Software Application
  • FUTUREKIDS Computer Camp combines the latest in computer technologies with themes and subjects kids love.
  • Camp curricula are organized in one-to two-week learning modules. You can get started with one camp,or spend the entire summer with us. Classes fill quickly. Call now for an application.

Pack your kids off to a holiday adventure in discovery and fun that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

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Bring a friend Promotion

  • When you introduce a new friend to enroll in Futurekids computer course, you and your friends will both be rewarded a HK$200 Futurekids Coupon.
  • Valid Until 31 December, 2024.

Special Offer

  • When you enroll in a Futurekids computer course which is worth more than HK$4,000 on or after 14 June, 2024, you will be rewarded a HK$50 Futurekids Coupon.
  • Offer applies to Interesting classes only.
  • Valid Until 15 August, 2024.